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Quadrel were engaged to investigate why the client experienced:

  • frequent disputes over late shipments and deliveries

  • problems with local customs in overseas export markets

  • a lack of clarity over who should pay local import duties and taxes

  • last minute requests for documents

  • problems with incorrect documents

Everything seemed to be fine with HMRC as far as exports from the UK were concerned, so the logistical and import issues overseas were puzzling.


Quadrel’s review identified that the company was using Incoterms, but that there was an absence of sound knowledge and understanding around how to use them effectively. Although Incoterms provide clarity on which party is responsible for particular costs, risks and obligations, the business was not matching their commercial and logistical arrangements with the most appropriate Incoterm.


Quadrel delivered a seminar to staff members to explain what Incoterms are, why they are used and how to select the most appropriate one for a particular shipment. Coupled with this, we advised on more appropriate processes in the legal, commercial, customer services, tax and distribution functions whose procedures were then overhauled to embed the selection and operation of Incoterms as integral to way the company does business.

Quote from client:

“We are working more smartly now we have a joined-up understanding of how customs fits into Incoterms. Using Incoterms helps us to be clear with customers about supply chain responsibilities and in the design of our business processes.”


As Incoterms standardise the approach to managing costs, risks and obligations between parties in the movement of goods, they must be central to your business and customs processes when conducting international trade.

How we can help:

Quadrel provide a range of customs training solutions, including: the basics of importing and exporting, customs declarations, customs valuation, tariff classifcation, origin, Incoterms and more. We can provide bespoke training seminars, as well as one-to-one sessions or workshops with larger groups. Enquire about our training and development services by calling us on 02380 302 302 or email us at

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