Case Studies

Are you clear on how to calculate your customs values?

A major retailer contacted Quadrel when HMRC reviewed a licence fee agreement relating to a product they imported for sale in the UK.

Are your customs processes joined up with the rest of the business?

Quadrel were contacted by the Financial Director of an SME to analyse why customs costs were affecting their profit margin on selling bicycles and parts in the UK.

Are the terms on which you trade clear and understood in your business?

Quadrel were engaged to investigate why the client experienced:

  • frequent disputes over late shipments and deliveries

  • problems with local customs in overseas export markets

  • a lack of clarity over who should pay local import duties and taxes

  • last minute requests for documents

  • problems with incorrect documents

Are you using KRIs and KPIs for customs?

The company contacted Quadrel about challenges with their freight forwarder who was also acting as their customs agent. The company wanted to include customs metrics in a service level agreement.

Packaging Factory
How a UK manufacturer cut their customs duty bill using Inward Processing (IP)

The company approached Quadrel for a review of their customs duties, which is when we recommended the use of Inward Processing (IP) to reduce the duty cost to the business.

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