Customs Risk Diagnostic

Fill out our simple customs and duties risk diagnostic form to find out if your business could have customs risks that need to be addressed or explored.

If you answer 'No' to any of the questions below, your business could benefit from customs consultancy, advocacy or training. Each question has a 'No' scoring; which, if totals 50 or more on answering all the questions, indicates that your business has customs risks to be addressed and opportunities to explore.

Do you know how much customs duty you pay per year?
Do you instruct your agent about making customs declarations AND do you receive copies of customs entries from them AND are you checking them?
Do you have your customs valuation AND tarrif classification AND origin procedures written down?
Do you use customs KPIs?
Do you have any current assessments/ audits/ disputes with HMRC?
Are you paying too much customs duty?

If your 'No' answers score a total of 50 or more, this suggests that there are risks to be addressed and opportunities to explore.

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