How can customs management contribute to business success?

I’ve often heard it said “Our forwarder/agent looks after customs for us” or “We never get any problems with customs”. So what are the benefits in strong customs compliance and close customs duty management? Isn’t it just about shipping goods and customs clearance? Is there really anything to be done? Does it seem dull and far removed from corporate business objectives and outcomes? How does it all connect together?

Read more below to discover the connection between customs management and increases in productivity, profit and underlying business economic value.

First, doing these things: -dealing with customs problems previously put off -paying the lowest amount of customs duty -achieving customs process efficiencies -reducing customs errors -leveraging customs assets -evaluating customs risk -reviewing third party service levels -undertaking an internal customs review -developing customs knowledge and knowhow

Leads on towards improved: -cost of sales -margins -cashflow -degree of service level assurance -visible management and mitigation of customs and trade risks -customs compliance assurance -stronger customs capabilities

And this creates: -competitive advantage -more business productivity -higher profits -compliance safeguards

Resulting in: -potential for higher salaries and dividends -increased shareholder/owner retained value -higher ROI -economic value added -corporate, commercial and regulatory reputation enhanced and maintained

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